Sunday, October 3, 2010

Being Spontaneous

Joe and I are both serious planners. We typically make plans, stick to them. Often times this results in our inability to be spontaneous. And when we don't have plans, we both look at each other and ask "what do you want to do?"   And the resulting answer????

"I don't know/care. What do you want to do?"

I've gone so far as making a list of spontaneous things we can do for those few times when we don't have something going on. Does that mean its not really spontaneous if I have it on a list?

Yesterday we both had decided on things we needed to get accomplished. We did the first thing, and on our way to stop #2, I happened to mention a (completely) random thing I wanted all of the sudden. Funny thing is, Joe had been thinking the same exact thing that morning. So, we immediately decided to drop our plans, head down to the area I used to live, and do a bunch of things we both thought would be fun.

Granted, crazy drivers made it a little stressful, but I was proud of us for our ability to be spontaneous.

We never did finish our original plans.

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