Thursday, September 23, 2010

Savannah Trip & Review (part 3)

Today at work had to be the best news I've had in a long time from that place. We've done so well at conserving, that we're actually getting a bonus check tomorrow. And early next year we'll get a raise. Considering we've not gotten one in a long time (we got to keep our jobs instead), it will be a nice thing. We also offered one of our two vacant positions to someone, and they approved our other vacant position.

Back to vacation stuff and pretty pictures from our trip to Savannah. Its a long post again, so click to read more...

When we arrived at the Kehoe House, we went ahead and arranged a few tours through the concierge. Joe really wanted to do an architectural tour, so we decided to do that on Monday.

First thing Monday morning we met up with Jonathan from Architectural Tours of Savannah . Jonathan went to SCAD and stayed around Savannah and now gives really awesome architectural tours of the city. You don't only learn about the buildings, but you also learn a lot of history as you tour the city (by foot). I'll include a few pictures from our walk below. If anyone ever goes to Savannah and has time for his tour, I highly recommend it. Just wear comfortable shoes, and don't forget your bottle of water!

Here are a few pictures from our tour:

Does this church steeple ring a bell in your mind? I'll give you a hint: "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what  you're gonna get." This was the church steeple from the movie Forest Gump. The feather floated down from here and then Forest was sitting on a bench in the neighboring square. The bench is now in a museum.

The Christian Camphor Cottage is the oldest house standing in Savannah. If you take away the porch, and remove the brick first level, you're left with one of the original cottages from early Savannah. You can see the plaque in the first picture showing how old the house is, and then when it was raised to form a two story home. 

Historic home for sale. 

Doors to the Lutheran Church. Note where the doorknob is. This door is HUGE!  

After a few hours on the walking tour, we headed down to the river front and had lunch at Boars Head Grille and Tavern. I'll be honest, it wasn't what I was expecting. But thats neither a good thing or a bad thing. Its just a thing. There weren't a lot of people in there at lunch time, but it was also a Monday, and I'm not familiar with how busy places get or don't get. Joe had a burger and said it was good. I had the Hot Georgia Brown. I made a goal to try many new things on this vacation, things I normally wouldn't order. I am trying to get out of ordering the same thing everywhere. So the Hot Georgia Brown was something I typically wouldn't have ordered. It was good. It wasn't knock my socks off amazing, but I would eat it again.

Joe really wanted to tour the Owens-Thomas House after passing it (it was one block away from the Kehoe house, and we passed it every time we left and had to walk somewhere) and hearing other people talk about it. Jonathan (from our architectural tour) used to work there and talked about the house quite a bit on our tour. I will say that this house is very interesting. Probably one of the three most interesting houses we visited on vacation. The dining room is oval shaped on one side (or maybe it was a complete oval?) and there are doors in the curved part of the room- the doors are curved too. It was insanely amazing to me. But even more than that, the upstairs had a bridge that led from one side of the second floor to the other. It was one of the weirdest, yet coolest things. Because they had scaffolding up around the house, cleaning the exterior, I didn't get a picture of the house. And of course, you can't take pictures inside. So ones from Google images will have to do.

(picture credit:

After taking a short siesta, we decided to walk over to Cupcake Emporium, and have dessert before dinner. The shop was cute/neat, but the cupcake was only so-so. Joe and I both had the chocolate peanut butter cupcake. We both agreed that my peanut butter icing is way better than what we had there. So I would only give the place one thumb up instead of two.

For dinner we went to Moon River Brewing Company (again, I made reservations through Open Table and scored 1000 points for this place). I also purchased a gift certificate from before we went for dirt cheap. Moon River was a pleasant surprise. Joe tried a few of their specialty beers and thought they were good. We started with the sweet potato fries and OH MY GOODNESS. These things were spectacular. Definitely one of the best things I had on the trip. Hands down amazing. For dinner, Joe built his own quesadilla with chicken, bacon, and bbq sauce. I had the crab stuffed chicken (again, not something I would normally order). We both enjoyed our entrees and loved Moon River Brewing Co. Apparently they have a haunted history too and doors will open and shut on their own. The manager has a brick that holds his office door open when he's in it. Sometimes the brick will move out of the way and the door will shut, all on its own. Interesting. But the building does have a lot of history, which you can read about on their website.

So, since Savannah is the most haunted city in America, we thought we would partake in a little ghost tour. While I'm not sold on ghosts, its a fun way to learn about the city and hear stories you wouldn't necessarily hear otherwise.  I am pretty sure we went with the company Savannah Walks. Honestly, I can't remember. But it was a lot of fun. Our guide was awesome. She told us lots of stories, including ones of Little Gracie Watson and also a story about things that took place during the recent filming of The Conspirator (which I want to see when it comes out!).

That was all on Monday. Tuesday we had another packed day full of fun to be had! I will post that in part 4 of our trip!

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