Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dear Nurse _____

~I don't know who you are, but I would like to thank you for paging my husband at 4:45 this morning, thus waking us both, over something that could have waited, oh say...another hour.

~The ones who keep telling us at work "...but I'm just a nurse." Well I hope I never have you as my nurse and will tell others the same. If you're too busy with life to pay attention to details, then you shouldn't be in the field you're in. Patients lives depend on your accuracy. Failure to do so, results in bad bad things.

I get so irked when I see bumper stickers or things that talk about "behind every doctor is a nurse there to save his butt" or "listen to the doctor but do what the nurse says." Quite frankly, thats not always the case. Sure, maybe in some areas (My MIL is a nurse and I hear her stories), but there are nurses that really have NO clue! How do you know if your nurse is one of those or not?!?

Anyways, I may (or may not) head over to the gym early since I'm already awake. I've done a fair amount of work on this baby sling, but want to wait to finish up the last seam until I make up my mind on one aspect of it, or until I discuss it with my sister. After that, one little addition I am going to throw in and then WA-LA, it will be ready to pack up and mail to the beach for the expecting mother-to-be.

Pray it DOES NOT snow. Joe's on call and I really don't want him to have to deal with bad weather.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


I've been slack at posting this week, and more than likely I'm going to continue to be. I have little time and lots to do, including finishing up a baby ring sling and working out (my daily chore pleasure). I will get a little time to hang out with a friend this weekend, so that'll be worth it!

Monday, February 23, 2009

New project & WooHoo

One of the girls who works for my sister has asked if I could make a baby sling for her sister who is expecting a little girl. I, of course, have yet to make one, but have been wanting to purchase the rings so that I could start trying them out. Finally I had an excuse. I have a pattern I'm toying with, but am nervous about trying. Once I finally get it finished (hopefully this week!), I will ask my pastor's wife (who has a newborn) if she'd be willing to test it out. I don't want to send it to someone and it not work, ya know!

The doorbell just rang, which is a rare thing during the day. What stood on the other side will delight my husband-the girl scout cookies have finally been delivered! Tax deduction!

Anyways, I have a bit more laundry to do, as well as work on this carrier!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Karate Kid

My younger brother received his red belt yesterday in Karate. My dad put him in there when he was really young (he's almost 12 now) because he was so tiny. When you're born weighing a little over 1lb, thats what can happen to you. Anyways, he's stuck with it and managed to get his red belt step away from black. In the second picture you can see how small he is compared to the other guys who tested yesterday, all of which rank below him (those in front of him). My dad said he had to spar with guys almost twice his size during his testing (they had to be black belts, which are all older guys). Yes, he can hold his own. That little body is nothing but solid muscle.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Baby time!

No not me/us. I was able to spend a bit of time with my friend Katy today to snap a few pictures of her kids in the baby carrier I made for her a while back. The kids were both sick, so no happy kid shots!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Running with Milk Duds

I hate Milk Duds, but today the stress has gotten to a level that has caused me to find pleasure in these teeth ripping little candies. Not to mention I have caramel stuck in between my teeth now.

I hadn't planned on going to work out today, but it came to the point I would either devour my entire kitchen from the aggravation (like my coworkers apparently did last night) or I could burn it off with a good workout. And it was a good workout, complete with meeting a lady from my church. I ran a mile and a half, rode almost 8 1/2 miles on the bike, and did a fair amount of weight lifting. I must be frustrated, for the simple fact that I lifted weights at a higher level today than I did yesterday. I'm sure I will feel it tomorrow.

I think a big part of my frustration comes from work. A situation that has taken a week to handle and should be finalized this week is being put off another week. Well, that would have been nice to know before today. I'm also frustrated at the fact we were given the impression that we should look at the here and now, not at the big picture and how we'll be affected by choices we make now three months down the road when we lose our senior tech (retirement).

I'm also frustrated at the fact that sometimes people give off the impression that they feel they are owed things in life and don't have to work for them. I have yet to get through life by batting my eyelashes and smiling.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Yeah buddy!

I've slept fairly well for two nights in a row, which has been such a blessing. I've been able to function better throughout the days, which always leads to a better attitude.

We went to the gym last night and this afternoon. My workout today felt great. I did a few miles on the elliptical and spent some time on the rowing machine. Once Joe came upstairs to meet me, we rode the bikes together. Since I have trouble with my left knee, I took it slower than he did. I managed to crank out six and a half miles though.

I was approached today about making a baby carrier for someone, so that made me feel great too! I'm really looking forward to making this one and selling it!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gibbs slap

If you watch NCIS, you know what a Gibbs slap is. There are many people that I wish I could do this to, some on a regular basis.

I finally had an amazing night of sleep last night and a husband who woke me up instead of the alarm. That was definitely a much better way to wake up.

Off to change and go pick up my hubby for the gym!

Monday, February 16, 2009


I'm definitely tired here lately. Weekends tend to be just as exhausting as weekdays! Again, last night, I had one of those really bad sleep nights. I am asleep, but can never fall past the first stage or so. If I move or breathe wrong, I wake up. I really just want a great night of sleep, no interruptions. To sleep like a baby would be such a bad term b/c babies don't really sleep all that well...or at least not for long periods of time.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The week never ended

The crazy/weird week. It keeps on going!

My mom is, FINALLY, after 9(?) years of dating the same guy, going to get remarried! Which is weird but definitely in a positive way. The guy is already like family to us, but considering my parents divorced when I was in elementary school, its just weird.

I'm incredibly tired and finding it very difficult to focus! Everything is very blurry.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Thank goodness it is finally Saturday! If I told you all the insanity that happened this past week, you'd never believe it. It has been INSANE. Trust me.

We filed our taxes this morning and I'm happy to say that we're getting money back (go marriage!) and hopefully I'll be getting a new car soon :) We'll see!

Anyways, we're off for a while. We're eating lunch and then tonight we're going to The Melting Pot with two of our friends. They're getting a break from their kids for the night! I'm sure they're thrilled!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

and again

This week gets stranger and stranger as the days go by.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Working out IS fun

The high impact cardio class I took last night left me incredibly sore and incredibly tired. In fact, I had to sit on the stairs and climb up backwards last night when I wanted to go to bed. The good thing about it though, it definitely worked and helped me get the first full night of sleep I've had in a few weeks. However, I was still super sleepy throughout the day.

Tonight I made my way around the center to get more strength training in. Afterwards, I felt like I needed a little cardio before I could call it quits. A mile on the elliptical didn't take long, but I swear my left knee was about to give out. I know slow and steady wins the race, but I swear there are days I'm not sure my knee will hold together.

I've spent time tonight looking back through old pictures of when I used to run, and boy do I miss those days (that will be coming back!). I miss the way it made me feel. I felt powerful. I felt accomplished (still do, just in other ways).

Anyways, to bed...

Another weird day

From the moment I left home this morning until now, things have been incredibly weird today.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


...the 13th is approaching rapidly, and the rate things are going this week, it doesn't look like it will be a good one...if you believe in all of that.

Today was weird. It was slow, which I can't stand. And then we rec'd a case that someone had stuck in the freezer. All the doctor's agreed that it was very odd, especially since the place held the specimen for a few weeks. We all made mental notes to never go there. Before I left, our dictation system temporarily crashed. Having no one higher up meant having to figure out who to call to get the problem fixed.

I need a nap!

Monday, February 9, 2009

I don't have a title

But, I did want to make note of two funny/interesting things that happened today. Before I left for the doctor I needed to go by the ATM. So I'm at the bank, second in line to an SUV hauling a big boat. The boat only cleared the top of the drive through by mere inches. Note to others: When hauling a boat, RV, or trailer, make sure it clears. I was just WAITING for it to smash into it. I even had the camera ready so I could send it to Joe.

On the way home from the doctor, I got behind a mini school bus, except it was for a private company called "King Richards: Official school transportation." The back of this somewhat ghetto bus read "This vehicle do not turn right on red light". I had to hang my head in disbelief that the official school transportation DOES NOT know how to write.

Case of the Mondays

I feel like I have this horrible case of Mondays, and I'm off today. What a bad feeling to have. I'm pretty tired and would like to go back to bed, but there are things to be done. I have to go grocery shopping and have a doctors appt. I am skipping the class I was going to take at the gym this morning (shame on me) partially because I'm tired and partially b/c I have to fast until later on this afternoon. After a fairly good workout, I usually have to eat a little something.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Its been CRAZY

To say that this morning has been crazy would be a serious understatement. Here's a taste of what I'm talking about...

During our 11am service (we have two at our church) Joe was singing with 6 other people (praise team) during the offertory. All of the sudden one of the girls (18yo) collapses during the middle of the song. Everything comes to a slow halt (wasn't screeching halt b/c not everyone realized what just happened). A few minutes later my husband is carrying her off the stage. Good thing there was a doctor there. We also have an EMT who happened to be sitting right in front of me. He jumped up and ran up onto the stage as well. So did her mom, boyfriend, friends mom, pastors. It was crazy for a few minutes. All the women in the congregation were on the edge of the pews, some with tears in their eyes.

Thats just a small amount of the craziness.

Please be in prayer for a good friend of ours as he is facing tough times in a foreign land.

And two of our friends are moving away in a few weeks. I'm pretty bummed about this.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Joe's new car

Here are a random shot from our snow day a few weeks back. I forgot they were still on my camera. I was to much of a wimp to get out in the cold, so I opened up our window and took a picture from upstairs.

A great workout

I had a great workout this morning at the gym. First I took a Latin dance class and followed it up with some strength training (upper body), followed by a short workout on the elliptical.

Now I am sleepy!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Random things

There is this movement across Facebook to post 25 Random things about yourself and then tag 25 others to follow suit. All the cool kids are apparently doing it.

So I got to thinking about all of my random thoughts or facts and figured I could post some of them here...

~I often wonder why the people down the street still have their Christmas lights up and turn them on at night.

~There are days I wish I would have reported the DMV guy who let a woman pass her test when she got all of the signs wrong. I may not speak Spanish, but I can tell when you let someone try about 15 times while I wait patiently in line behind her. She got her license even though she couldn't tell what a stop sign was to begin with.

~I think bras with wires should come with a warranty, especially b/c they cost so much, yet break so easily.

~Why do people find it hard to drive 5 miles above the speed limit, but have no problem going 10 under?

~After having my dog about 4 months, he lost the ability to walk. Now he can run miles without stopping and jump about three feet off the ground.

~I wonder what sushi tastes like, yet refuse to try it because I'm scared it will make me want to puke.

~My favorite times of the day are when I'm with my husband. Even if we're having a disagreement regarding something, I would rather be with him than anywhere else.

~I really wanted to learn to play the guitar, but my fingers are so short that it always made it hard.

~I still have a card I received on my first birthday. It still has the original $5 bill that was in there.

~I hate snakes, spiders, placentas and gallbladders.

~I collect coke product caps to enter in the codes online and cash them in for random stuff like magazines.

~I want to do a triathlon sometime in my life. Except I stink at swimming. I can swim, but not really well.

~I have been to Hawaii twice, and will probably go many more times in my life.

~I wish more people would think before they do. I'm glad I married a "big picture thinker". We are planners (yet can be spontaneous when it calls for it), which saves us so much time and trouble.

~Why do women gossip so much?

~Once upon a time I was in a sorority, even making my way up to become the President of the National Board of Trustees. It was definitely an experience. I made a few good friends through it, and some I made after leaving it.

~I don't know what I'd do without my husband, my family, and Ibuprofen

~I'm more of a scaredy cat now that I'm married. Before, I could come in at 1am and not think anything of it, feeling tough walking my dog during the middle of the night, and running on trails through the woods. Now, not so much.

~I have to have the television on when I'm home alone, but I'm never in the same room.

~It is very rare for me to drink anything past 8pm. If I do, I will have to pee countless times throughout the night

~When I was a kid I swore that Jordan Knight from NKOTB and I were going to get married. I'm so glad it didn't work out.

Thats all I can think of for now. I have decided to ditch the gym for the day and take a much needed nap. I'm still not sleeping well at night.

YAY...and a rant

Last night was a great night for sleep. The night before was assisted with more Benedryl and I woke up, feeling like a zombie. Last night was assisted too, just not with medicine. I hope I can get some real sleep tonight, on my own.

I've had three great days in a row of going to the gym. Its been a good time to relax and try to build up the strength in my left knee.

Work was very discouraging today. We have fairly new machines to do our staining on. I've had very little hands on time with these machines since we've gotten them (at least 3 months ago). This week was my first time really on them. This area is one of my favorite areas to work in because 1)I keep busy and 2)I can really utilize my organizational skills and multi-tasking skills to be incredibly efficient. So, needless to say, I was a little hesitant Monday morning when I was being thrown into the ring with these things. I hate having to bug others to tell me how to do things, but I have had to. Anyways, I asked if I could have another week (we're on weekly rotations) scheduled on these machines sometime next month so I would stay up to speed (everyone else has had a few rotations on them, not me!). I want to be confident in my abilities to run this bench with no hesitations. Apparently part time employees don't have priority

So yes, I'm being shot down for more training and experience because I don't have the hours.

Time to go work out a little more. I didn't work on my biceps after my triceps (you're supposed to work opposite muscle groups, one after the other).

Monday, February 2, 2009

I wish I may

I wish I might...get some sleep tonight

I've had one semi decent nights sleep lately, and that was drug induced (Benedryl).

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